Author Kristy Parisi using the Video Kiosk at the

2016 ALA Convention in Orlando

For Rentals and Purchases of the

Video Kiosk, contact Larry Nimmer at or call (805) 708-4753

The Library Stories Video Kiosk

Sample Kiosk Videos

Henderson Library Promo

Shot with Video Kiosk Mixed with Other Cameras

The Library Stories Videos Kiosk is a new self-service multimedia tool that allows patrons to easily walk up to the kiosk and record a video of themselves in a couple of minutes.  The uses include:

- Patron Testimonials(speaking on the library services they enjoy) 

- Oral Histories

- Book Reviews

The short videos can be easily uploaded to social media and other platforms. Included is an electronic  release form. 


"News Events in Our Lifetime"

Shot with Video Kiosk


"Show & Tell for Grownups"

Shot with Video Kiosk

Video Kiosk