Guadalupe Library

Spanish Language Spots

Oructt Library

FACEBOOK: Different videos are posted twice a week
EMAIL: Emails are sent to friends of the library members, and other data bases, asking people to click the link to watch a Facebook video on the Library or Friends Facebook page.  To support the library services, they are asked to “like” the page, which will then have them see the other 15 videos in the series when they are posted on Facebook.
WEBSITES: Videos are posted on FOL and Library web sites
CITY&COUNTY: Videos are posted on the City and County website and Facebook pages
GOVERNMENT TV: Videos are broadcast on the City and Government Government Access Channels
PSA: The Video PSAs are played on local commercial TV channels
NON-PROFIT SUPPORT: Videos are posted on supporting non -profit organizations Facebook and web sites.
SPANISH: The Spanish language videos are broadcast on Spanish Language TV Channels and Radio Channels. 

Los Alamos Library

Cuyama Library

Central Library

Santa Maria, California

Video Promotion Campaign